Our Boats

Silver Eagle casting boats

Silver Eagle is a respectable boat with aluminium body and fiberglass interior. The boat is 6.3 meters long and 2.4 meters wide. It goes very smoothly even in rough waves. It is very steady and has plenty of room for even four casting fishers. The maximum the boat can take is skipper plus 6 customers, but we recommend full load only for casting in sheltered bays, or for moving from one island to another. The recommended maximum for casting is skipper plus four customers. One of our boats has double 50 hp engines, another has double 60 hp engines , third Eagle 1 x 90 hp and fourth 1 x 135hp. Double engines are just one example of our extreme safety measures.

Trolling Boats

For salmon fishing we recommend the FinnmasterPilot boat. This seven-metre front-row boat can take five fishermen in addition to the skipper. The boats have all the latest and hottest trolling gear. Finnmaster is powered by a 150 horsepower Suzuki engine. All set for going to the open seas to catch some salmon!