Finland Western Gulf’s best fishing stories are told in these spaces!

Many fishing trips have culminated with an island-style dinner in great company. Our fishing packages include several options for evening fun and overnight stays on western Gulf of Finland, in various price groups. The coastline villas are classy and up to the requirements of business guests. Often accommodation is decided based on the fish to be caught. In some places trout is the main fish to catch, in some others it is pike. Below you will find tips on which fish to catch at each villa.

 Helsinki – Espoo – Kirkkonummi

Villa Vitsand, Villa Patrons, Artalli


Fishermen’s luxurious paradise. Our new villa has got the latest technology combined with warm atmosphere. On the walls you can find some history of fishing tackle, unique fish art paintings and fish mounts. Very quiet location, no other houses nearby. A big protected Natura-area is beside the villa. Four double bedrooms plus a separate sauna building. If you want to find a hiding place for your vacation – this is the place to be!

Accommodates: 8

Bedrooms: 4

Meeting room: 10

  • Main species in nearby waters: Pike, pike-perch, perch, white fish.
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