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Try ice fishing!
One fish is all what is needed!
That honeyhole was not empty!
Fist time fishing in Finland
and another one
Soft plastic worked better than heavy metal
Maestro and pike
Blue day, brilliant fishing
So what do you say guys
Done with style
Safe in net
Wow, wow, wow..
Beautiful spring pike
Norhland Boobie Trap testing
over 9 kg
With Northland Reed Runner Spinnerbait
Laurent in flames..
Laurents second big one.. same day!
What a refreshing snowfall
Great november pike over 9 kg
Test result of Storm jig
Hot red suspending storm & 10kg
Pikes seem to grov faster than Dima
Never give up, even on a hard day
Second pike in life was already 4kg
Boys were beaten with this pike
Pike on board, do you read me, over...
Bjuuutiful 12kg with suspending Storm
12 kg safe in net
Its raining pike, hallelujah...
10, 4 kg in october
Good condition 9+ with perch jig & light tackle
Ten plus
Herr Hecht, Karl Koch
Larry Dahlberg 10+
Larry Dahlberg with another 10+ pike
8-kg with traditional Stubb-spoon
Back to freedom 11,5 kg
10,5 kg - a winning pike of a bet
12,1 kg another picture
Special colored 9,3 kg
Good day, biggest 10+
12,1 once a record
What a monster -11,5 kg!
7,3kg - well done Kari!
The american way - 7,5kg
This 9,3 kg long pike took a tiger Zalt
I think its 10kg, can you see...
Have you got bigger ones lately, Janne?
Well over 110cm, but slim...
Late spring 9kg
Give back my jig, you 10kg monster...
Hot red lures works on a red hot day...
This lure was ment for trout, not 7,5kg pike!
Best so far with 0,12mm braided line-11,9kg
Webmaster with master pike
Hi camera, its me with 11,1kg late june fish.
Tell me if you find a more beautiful fish..
Worth while fishing in november 20m/s storm - 10,5kg!
Practise makes champion - 10,5kg
This 7kg prefers C&R
Two men are needed to carry this fish..
This 10,8 took a 4" Suspending Storm jig
There are big ones in Hanko - 122cm, 13,3 kg
Time to celebrate 50 years & good fishing
This one too a girl-suspi
Jyrki with 10kg pike
Rapala guys do it in a boat - 10+
Let me think.....11kg?
"Help me, this 10,5 kg pike is HEAVY!"
I think that was 9kg , or what do you think?
Good company, good fishing
Ok this looks 15kg, but is "only" ......
Hey I know this man and again over 10 kg..
Jerking is HOT in shallow water!
Ok picture is poor, but pike isn't, 14,1kg
Official casting record from Apajalahti plier - Suvi and 4,5 kg!
Couldn't be better last cast - 12kg!
"It was like a train at the end of line..."
What a beautiful autumn day and 8,6 kg